Keurig needle broke

An extremely common problem with Keurigs is that something blocks the water from getting from Point A the water reservoir to Point B your coffee cup. The blockage might be in the needle that punctures the K-cup. It might be in the hose that leads to the needle.

It might also be in the valve at the bottom of the water reservoir. It could even be deep inside the bowels of your Keurig coffee maker. All of these problems can be fixed! And you can probably do most, if not all, of the fixes presented here right this minute. We will cover descaling at the END of this article. Skip down there right now if you like! Anything you do based on the advice on this page is your decision, and you not me! First, take out the K-cup holder H, below.

Clean it with dish soap and rinse thoroughly.

keurig needle broke

Check for any obstructions. You should do this regularly anyway, unless you enjoy being gross. Then move on to cleaning out the Entrance Needle. All you need is a paperclip or a thumbtack or something skinny like that.

Can the pin (that penetrates the k-cup) be replaced?

A flashlight might help, too. Just move on to the other fixes described below. Below is a nice, clear view of how one person cleaned out the Entrance Needle on a Keurig 2.

keurig needle broke

It literally took her about 5 seconds. Skip to to see the part where the needle gets cleaned out. If yours does, it should be located just above the water reservoir. I guess we can hypothesize that plugging up the overflow drain forces pressure from the water pump to move through the hoses instead of being vented out due to a blockage. To see this fix in action, watch the Youtube video below.

Finally, a chance to use your turkey baster on a day other than Thanksgiving! This fix is based on the assumption that the drainage valve that sits at the bottom of your water reservoir is clogged with gross stuff.

This guy gets to the point pretty fast—the good part starts at about Below is the video of the valve-cleaning in action. Specifically, a Phillips screwdriver. The dark spot might be a clump of coffee grounds that have been sucked up into the Entrance Needle, or it might just be grime. Fixing Keurigs is fun! The video below is very annoyingly out-of-focus, but this guy does a pretty good job of explaining what he did and how.Black and silver single cup coffee maker with water reservoir on the left hand side.

Askbelieveachieve the top piercing needle is part of an assembly. Not sure if there is a replacement available, but to get to it follow How to open and clean Keurig Coffee Maker this guide] up to Step 5.

There you see two screws that hold the assembly red. If you have not already done so, remove the two bottom screws from the assembly. With all screws removed a push on the water inlet spout downwards should free the assembly.

That was the fun part. The hard part will be to find a replacement. Every now and then they pop up at places like this. Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index. Keurig Elite Black and silver single cup coffee maker with water reservoir on the left hand side. Askbelieveachieve Rep: 13 1 1. Keurig Elite pin is broken. Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 1. Most Helpful Answer. Was this answer helpful?

Score 0. Add your answer Askbelieveachieve will be eternally grateful. View Statistics:.The Keurig is a cool machine, but it has a bit of a flaw. There are two needles that pierce the K-cup, one at the top and one at the bottom. Since the needle at the bottom is piercing plastic and the needle at the top is piercing foil, the needle at the top will pierce first. When you press down to puncture the K-cup you pressurize the cup so that when it does pierce the foil coffee from the cup is pushed up into the needle.

Mine only took a little over a month to do this. You have to get some of the plastic covers off of your Keurig though. All of the Keurigs are a bit different on the outside, but they all appear to have the same mechanism for handling the K-cup.

So your covers might be different but the internals are probably the same. Take the covers off so you can get to the internal plumbing. Next work the silicone tubing off of the check valve. The needle assembly should come out now. Now put it back together.

How to Clean Keurig Needles

Brew some coffee and go back to your day. Of course, you do this at your own risk and I take no responsibility if you break your Keurig. Or buy a Tassimo which is a better machine anyway. If the pressure is allowed to escape before the needle is fully inserted into the cup it might help. Machine initially lit on with the menu and then went off but with slight whirring sound. Lindsay: that is probably the best way. Patrick: my best guess is that the Keurig is sensitive to the lower line frequency in Singapore, because your step-down transformer will be supplying VAC 50Hz instead of 60Hz.

Another factor to consider is that K-cups are pressurized with nitrogen to keep the coffee fresher. Higher altitude means even higher differential pressure in the cup than seen at lower elevations. Also, closing the mechanism presses on the cup top which sometimes ruptures a seam, sending coffee bits into the mechanism, causing clogs and making a mess. The best bet is to always press the cup down to puncture the cup bottom and eliminate the pressure. My Keurig only brews half of what it is suppose to.

I can also here water flowing back into the reservoir when it is brewing. What is next? I can also hear water flowing back into the reservoir when it is brewing. Bryon, did you try brewing without the K cup in it? If so, did it put out the appropriate amount of water?

Keurig Needle Maintenance - No Tool

If it did, then the problem is probably the bottom puncturing pin not piercing the k cup properly. I fixed mine when I found that filter material was wrapped around the pin that is supposed to puncture the bottom. I guess the K cups have filter liners maybe? I pushed the K cup holder up out of the machine so that I could more easily put my fingers down around the pin and carefully cleaned it off.

Mine is now brewing perfectly. The Keurig is making too big of hole in the top. Coffee not as good. Can this be fixed? People having extreme trouble with clogging less-than-full-cups or no flow probably live at well above sea-level elevations — much of the U.Last Updated: September 20, References Approved. This article was co-authored by James Sears. James is an expert in all things clean and provides transformative experiences by reducing clutter and renewing your home environment.

There are 22 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 2, times. Keurigs are great for making single cups of coffee, but over time, they can get dirty and buildup can form inside the machine. Every now and then, you need to clean your Keurig so it keeps making full cups of flavorful coffee. Every week you should clean the removable parts, and you should change the filter and descale the machine every few months. When your Keurig is clogged, you can manually clean out the pod holder and needle.

Once the machine is clean, your coffee will taste fresh with each brew! James Sears. Opt for an all-natural, plant-based cleaner to clean your Keurig. Whenever possible, try to avoid using toxic or synthetic chemicals around an item that you'll be eating or drinking from.

Tip: Some Keurig needles will have 2 holes in them. Be sure to clean out each hole so water can flow easily through it. Tip: You can also use white vinegar to clean descale your Keurig. Instead of mixing it with water, fill the tank with vinegar up to the maximum fill line.

To clean your Keurig, start by removing the drip tray and K-cup holder. Then, wash both of them using warm, soapy water. Next, take the filter out of the water reservoir, and clean the reservoir and lid with soapy water using a non-abrasive cloth.

Make sure to rinse these items thoroughly so no soap remains. Finally, use a paper clip or safety pin to clean out any debris that's stuck in the exit needle. Replace the filter and the water resevoir, then wipe the outside of the Keurig with a damp cloth. Repeat every months for best results. For more details on cleaning your Keurig, refer to your manual. Keep reading to learn how to use a vinegar soak to clean your Keurig. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.Nothing beats a good morning for coffee lovers than a perfect coffee brew, and that requires a functioning Keurig.

Having clogged Keurig needles can result in grainy brews, partial brews, or no brew at all, requiring a clean from time to time. There are several ways to unclog a Keurig, and one of them is cleaning the needles, which we have discussed below. A Keurig works by running hot water through a K-cup of your choice punctured by two needles at the top and bottom, also known as entrance and exit needles, to release a brewed beverage into your cup.

The top needle punctures the lid of the K-cup to allow hot water in, and the one at the bottom punctures the base of the K-cup. Your Keurig most likely comes with a small plastic cleaning tool for the needles. This cleaning tool tends to clean the top needles only, and the bottom needle will need a paper clip. If you do not have a paper clip, follow the same steps using any other long thin, and pointed object like a toothpick, sewing needle, or a skewer.

You may need to replace your Keurig needle if it makes large holes or allows coffee grounds into your cup. It is a very straightforward repair if you follow the directions below. The following are several reasons why the Keurig bottom needle is not piercing the K-cup. They include:. Most recent Keurig models will indicate when the unit needs descaling, and this is an excellent opportunity to clean the needles.

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Make sure you toss out any K-cup that is in place before starting to perform Keurig 2. Next, note that the needle is technically two separate items.

keurig needle broke

There is one atop and one that pierces the K-cup from below. You will need to clean both to perform the maintenance. Insert the end of the paperclip into the needle, until all debris is safely dislodged. Do the same to the bottom needle as well. This is all that is needed to clean the system. Now you can enjoy a cup of coffee, fresh and hot, the way you like it. About Your Brewing System The Keurig is simple, easy-to-use, and revolutionized coffee brewing into a clean proposition. No longer forced to deal with loose coffee grains unleashed all over your countertops, timers, and baskets, Keurig is efficient and clean.

Single-serve coffee and tea pods and k-cups are in general a dream product that makes life easier. The benefits of Keurig include the ability to purchase its brewing machines or K-cups at everything from the supermarket to the stationery supplies store to gas stations to Keurig online. Keurig online supplies a time-saving and easy auto-replenishment ordering process on its site. Never run out of K-cups or pods and never have to run out to the store in an unplanned trip.

Or, enjoy the sheer variety available at local retailers. It can be fun to discover new flavors of coffee products for your Keurig. In particular, at the Keurig site you will find offerings of many brands.

The big brands that you grew up with also have a presence among the Keurig at-home brewing options for home delivery. There is so much variety just on the Keurig Green Mountain site alone it is hard to imagine shopping anywhere else. Though, it is certainly great to have the products readily available in so many places. It keeps the products more competitively priced and selection varied. If you are more of a mug of coffee type of person, who needs a couple refills of the traditional cup, Keurig has thought of you.

They now offer the K-mug sized cup for you. Keurig Trivia How much do you know about your beloved Keurig? Well, did you know that the now ubiquitous K-cup made its debut in ? It is both the founder of single-sup brewing packs, and still maintains its lead, leagues ahead of the competition in North America.In this guide we will look at the replacement of the entry needle and the top assembly part of your Keurig.

Compared to some of the other repairs that these brewers require, this is quite straight forward. It should take around 20 minutes to complete. The creation of a larger hole in the K-Cup, or coffee grounds in your cup, can be the result of a damaged or misaligned entry needle or top assembly.

The entry needle is best purchased as a complete unit, attached to its top assembly tubing and mounting. We like to purchase our coffee machines and replacement parts through either Amazon. If you would like more details and a comprehensive list of replacement parts for your Keurig, have a look over at a replacement parts page for more details.

Make sure we are working on a nice flat and hard surface. Take the water reservoir off and the drip tray.

Keurig B60 Puncture Needle Replacement

Lay the brewer down on its back and pull the handle up so that it opens the portion pack holder as if you were going to place a K-Cup into the machine. Take the K-Cup holder out the K-Cup holder and portion pack holder are the same thing. Looking now up where the entry needle is you will see this part of the brewer is held together with two screws, as pictured below.

We need to remove these two screws. Once out, keep them aside as we are going to need them to put the new entry needle assembly back in place. Be gentle with this, it can be a little fiddly, but should come away nicely.

What you see now is the tubing that runs from the boiler unit along the top assembly and into the entry needle. During the brew process, once the water is heated, cup size is selected and a K-Cup is placed into the portion pack holder, the air pump forces the water from the boiler unit along the exposed tubing you now see and through the entry needle into the K-Cup. We now need to remove the tubing from its connections at both ends, from the entry needle and the top of the boiler.

Gently separate the tubing from the boiler unit first, we like to use a flat head screwdriver for this. First, move the plastic collar up and once that is off remove the tubing from the connector too. Move to the other end of the tubing and disconnect it from the entry needle connector. Using the same approach before with a flat head screwdriver, remove the plastic collar and then the tube itself from the connector.

The last part of the detachment process is to now remove the two screws securing the tube to the top assembly. Again, hold onto these as we will use them to attach the new tubing section. With step 5 the tubing and entry needle sections should come away leaving you now with the space to piece in your newly purchased section. We find it easier with this process to just follow the steps in reverse order. So feed the tube section through the entry needle space and lay this into place.

This should bring the entry needle and gasket into place in the top housing. With the two screws you had from Step 4 attach the entry needle section into place. Take the end of the section tube and first make sure the plastic collar is in place and then attach the end of tube onto the boiler connector. Then bring the plastic collar back down and ensure a good tight fit. There is a lot of pressure coming through this coupling and very hot water, so we want to ensure this connection will withstand both of these.

With the entry needle secure in its housing and the tubing fitting back in place, now we need to secure the tubing with the two small screws you had from Step 5.

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