Jungkook maknae fanfic

The grotesque mutated beast bled from the shadows behind 'blond, buxom and stupid' and roared, saliva dripping from its fangs as it lumbered toward its victim. Jin sighed and began to brush the kernels from his lap, before fishing for one of the prickly menaces that had somehow found its way into his pajama top. Across the room, Jungkook exploded with laughter, and Jin looked up to find the maknae perched on the arm of the opposite sofa, cell phone held aloft to capture his poor hyung's terror induced shrieking and subsequent popcorn explosion.

Jin doubted it would be very clear footage given how Jungkook was near convulsing with unrestrained mirth, but this thought either didn't occur to Hoseok, or he just wasn't particularly comforted by it, if the way he was huffing maligned complaints under his breath as he swept up the spilled snack was any indication.

Jin prepared himself to mediate the attempted retaliation; Kookie might have brought whatever vengeance Hoseok deemed suitable on his foolish self, but Jin wasn't in the mood to deal with tears if a stray elbow happened to find an eye in the battle for supremacy. He relaxed though when Hoseok seemed to resign himself to just glaring at the little monster. Jin hadn't been too concerned they were talking about sunshine Hobibut their fractious maknae had already required 'saving' from revenge-seeking hyungs twice, and they weren't even an hour into the movie.

The volley of popcorn sailed across his vision in the maknaes direction, scoring a perfect hit as they showered down around the youngest.

Jungkook Fanfiction.

Jungkook of course, somehow managed to catch not one, but two kernels in his mouth which only prompted him to louder braying. Because everything was apparently hilarious. Jin snorted, because picking popcorn kernels out of carpet is so hilarious.

I vacuumed yesterday, enough with the popcorn-" Jin scolded, dropping his gaze to the. Popcorn strewn floor. The fluffy kernels dotted the carpet liberally at their feet, appearing to spread as far as the corridor that lead to the kitchen and out into the open foyer.

At least Hoseok had the good grace to look apologetic as he replied, "Sorry hyung- I'll clean it up. Although Jin was very tempted to assign the task to the hyena who was still giggling where he'd flopped over to sprawl across his other oh so helpful hyungs.

By other hyungs, Jin meant the ones with any preteens of actual consistent authority. Not that Jin was much better most of the time, like now. He was unable to help the ridiculous smile that stretched across his face as he watched Jungkook full-body-wriggle his way to being stretched out fully, punting his way over Yoongi's lap, ignorant of any protests.

How Yoongi could think the maknae line took him seriously at all, when he grumbled with such indulgence, Jin did not know. Finally succeeding in his goal; head propped up on his elbow in Namjoon' lap, torso sprawled across Yoongi and his legs dangling over the arm of the couch, Jungkook wiggled a little more. Just out of spite, Jin was sure. And then Yoongi groused, "Aish, have you got worms or something!?

Jungkook slumped down with a startled yelp, cut off by Namjoon bringing his open book down to cover his face. It was some new supernatural horror flick that Jungkook and Tae had desperately wanted to watch. So damn excited. Their enthusiasm and eagerness had been equal parts scary and adorable.

The two had been begging and dropping not at all subtle hints. Half planning evenings when they thought that just maybe everyone might not be too busy or exhausted to gather up that had inevitably all fallen through because everyone had been too busy or exhausted to do anything other than eat and sleep during their 'free' ha!

It was also why Jin had suggested they use one of their precious free evenings one of only two! Not that it was any particular hardship; spending a couple of hours relaxing, while watching his dongsaengs enjoy themselves.It was very late; at least by their normal bedtime standards. Their time-intense and physically draining schedule did not lend itself to unreasonably late nights very often, but they'd been gifted a rare day off tomorrow, and most of them had taken full advantage of the free evening and promised sleep in.

They'd eaten and showered and everyone was warm and relaxed, most of them lolling around the living room quietly. Namjoon and Yoongi had disappeared upstairs hours ago, excited for the chance to put the finishing touches on something they'd been working on for months in their limited free time. For all Jin knew, they'd both gone to bed. Jungkook was sprawled out on the floor at the base of the staircase; Jin had expressed worry that the maknae might get trod on, but the youngest had insisted that the lighting was best there for his drawing and wouldn't be persuaded.

The chance of him actually being stood on was minimal, Jin admitted, but he was keeping an eye on the staircase regardless. After all, Namjoon and probability didn't always correlate perfectly. Jimin was also decked out on the floor, although he was more sensibly located in the centre of the living room, in front of the blackened TV screen.

He'd been scrolling on his phone for the past hour, a small smile quirking his lips occasionally, so Jin was guessing that the brat had googled himself again. The couch opposite had J-Hope reclined across it lengthways, meticulously burritoed by a blanket Jin knew, he'd watched the ten-minute process three hours agohead propped up on a pillow, laptop balanced precariously on his chest as he watched whatever drama had him absorbed that month, sound channelled through his headphones.

Taehyung had nestled himself into the 'V' of Hobi's burrito legs, his face half buried between J-Hope's side and the back of the couch.

[21+] BTS Maknae Line Oneshot - Game Night - JUNGKOOK

The youngster has been restless all evening. He'd been playing a game earlier, but for the last hour or so, he had just been somewhere between asleep and half-asleep, draped over various members. As Jin watched, Tae moved yet again, for the fifth time in as many minutes- this time accidentally Jin thought?

J-hope whined as he wiggled to save the computer from toppling off the edge, again. Disgruntled, he dug at Taehyung with his feet until the younger was shoved off the couch To Hobi's credit, it was a somewhat gentle- ish shove. Jin grinned and snagged Tae's wrist as he stumbled past before the brat could attempt to annoy Jungkook or Jimin.

Again and pulled him towards the couch he'd claimed as his own. Tae went willingly, slumping sideways on the cushions beside him, half draping himself over Jin, his head hanging off the couch, one arm dangling to the carpet. Within seconds Tae was moving again, turning slightly toward Jin and shaking his head, bending one leg up behind the other.

Like he had been all night; but up-close Jin realised that it wasn't just his usual boundless energy. It was more like Taehyung was uncomfortable, or unsettled. The younger turned his head again, and in the beam of brighter light from the kitchen behind them, Jin thought he might be a little flushed.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words The Heart Follows Time 2. The Music Box of Tragedy Echoes 4. No Season is Eternal 5. Skinship Awkwardness 6. Baby 7.

jungkook maknae fanfic

Happy Birthday, Namjoon pt. It was no joke when BTS said that their maknae Jungkook was good at everything. He was an extremely good dancer, a strong vocalist, a capable rapper, athletic, and intelligent.

He had the ability to pick up anything he tried and succeed at it. He was incredibly talented and special. The hyungs loved their maknae, and all felt a similar desire to protect him and make sure the youngest was happy and healthy. They may have shown it in different ways, but when it came down to it, they gave their maknae all the tender love and care he deserved. After having a concert each night for three days in a row, all of the boys were running ragged after giving each night their all.

They would have a couple days to rest and recuperate before flying back to Korea. While the elder members were able to work past their exhaustion, they could easily see their youngest member lose his battle. They all needed a good rest, and with a shared look between the six of them they all know that it was time to spoil their lovable maknae.

When they returned to the hotel, they were all split up in different rooms, but they all met up in Jungkook's shared room with Jimin after they showered and got ready for bed. Jimin had pushed the youngest into a shower first, and began to push the two queen sized beds together. When he heard a soft knock on his door, he answered it to reveal the rest of his members.

He let them in with a soft smile. Namjoon wrapped Jimin up in a hug, kissing his temple before shepherding the rest of his members into the room. I know you must want to go to sleep as well.

Jimin entered the bathroom to see his maknae dressed in a pair of gym shorts and an over-sized hoodie that looked strangely like Yoongi's.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words He cried for many things. He cried for his hyungs, for his beaten body, for his secrets and for his uncertain future.

He cried until he had no more tears. Until he went limp and his sleep deprived body had finally decided enough was enough.

Then, and only then, did Jungkook sleep. Hey, listen to me. Because all Jungkook needs is the black, bitter liquid burning so familiarly down his throat and the comfort that lingers between the lines of a 50s jazz song, playing in the background.

But what if Min Yoongi's kisses burn just a little bit more against his lips than the coffee does? And what if Min Yoongi's voice is just a little bit more soothing than Ella Fitzgerald's? Taehyung looks down at the thermometer and feels his blood run cold and there's the sudden, rushing feeling of a bad situation becoming a dangerous one.

Of ok teetering off the edge to become not ok, not ok, not ok.

jungkook maknae fanfic

When Jungkook ventures out to bring Yoongi home, things don't quite go as planned and his groceries aren't the only things that get lost. A series of short, stand-alone stories detailing the lives of bad-at-selfcare Jungkook and his overprotective hyungs. See inside for full story index. Chapter Stay Woke Jungkook hasn't slept properly in four days, and he's about to reach breaking point. Chapter Sweet Like Chocolate Sometimes misery is self-inflicted but oh, so tasty. Chapter A Step Too Far Jungkook falls down the stairs, and decides to avoid embarrassment by keeping news of the accident to himself.

Chapter Sunny-Side Up After falling asleep by the pool during their Hawaii vacation, Jungkook learns the hard way that even factor sunscreen has its limits.

The world liked to watch their stories. The world liked to talk about them. The world liked them. But they hated the world. Or Namjoon, Yoongi, Jin, Hoseok, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook had been best friends since they were little and they shared everything together, but the world had decided to be a bit meaner to them.

They were supposed to be happy, they were supposed to stay in the little circle of theirs and protect each other, so what if they couldn't? Bangtan Boys was his life, from the very beginning.You were there with each other as you slowly discovered the not so wonders of the world, exploring the bittersweet journey of growing up. Uh oh. How are you supposed to take that? Keep reading. I just wrote this while going through it.

Also, all the poetry compositions have been written by yours truly hehe. I really hope you guys enjoy this story as much I enjoyed writing it! Let me know how you felt reblogs and comments go a long way! The sunlight filtering through your window was a familiar feeling. As it warmed your covers, you lazily turned to the other side of your bed hoping to find a cooler spot to resume your slumber. When not even cocooning yourself helped, you angrily pulled your blanket over your frame and let the heat take the win for this one.

You opened your eyes and took a minute to take in your surroundings. In that reverie, you winced as you could almost taste the vodka at the back of your throat and the puke roiling up in your stomach. A half open book lay face down on your nightstand and dried up drool pooled near the top of your pillow, possibly because you dozed off in between. You checked your phone, and was relieved that it was the weekend.

There were no messages from work, you wanted to jump up in joy like you were a child on sugar rush. Your job as a market assistant was good, and although you enjoyed the work, sometimes it felt dry and you lost all enthusiasm to continue. Your boss was an asshole, you really wanted to smack him. Even thinking about work made you upset. You hugged your knees to your chest, resting your head on them because you were just too tired. Thoughts aside, you decided to treat yourself to the weekend by going to the bookstore just around your block.

You loved bookstores, it was your favourite retreat growing up when your father would come and pick out the books you wanted to borrow.

You were a very avid reader as a child, however as the homework started piling up as you went up a grade, there was no time to wiggle some reading time in between the cracks of your heavy schedule. Until now. The bookstore opened five years ago, a cozy place that usually met a lukewarm crowd on weekends. You were a regular there. The owner, Kim Namjoon, was few years elder to you but was polite, handsome and very well read despite having a demanding position at his accounting job.

Namjoon had opened the bookstore as a part-time thing to stay rooted to his love for literature, and since his profession earned well, he was able to recruit two or three employees to help him out when he was at work. He always greeted new customers with a wide smile and you stifled a laugh when you remembered his extremely loud shriek when of the customers accidentally dropped a book. The poor boy almost fell from the ladder when he was trying to sort out the books on the highest shelf.

jungkook maknae fanfic

He was a dance major at the nearby University and his shifts were on the weekends, the two days when he was free. He often came to the store disheveled from practicing on his own, but he still managed to clean up and look flawless in a simple apron uniform.

You also knew that the first weekend of the new month meant fresh arrivals — so not only were you going to see your favourite employee you would never tell Changmin, of course and get some eye-candy, but also browse through the new novels waiting to be read by fellow bookworms like yourself.

The conundrum of living in cities was known to you — the whizz of scooters going by in the morning, the delightful screams of school children returning from class in the afternoon and the shutters of karaoke bars and clubs opening up for the evening.Resolvi que faria sobre os dois Maknaes de dois grupos que eu amo muito, o BTS e o Stray Kids; acho que eles formariam um belo e fofo casal Yaoi. Depois de dois meses de conversas tanto no grupo dos Maknaes quanto no privado, ambos, Jungkook e Jeongin, tinham a completa certeza de que estavam sentindo algo a mais um pelo outro.

E foi pensando nisso que Minho, mais uma vez, foi ter uma conversa com Yoongi. Ele conversa normalmente comigo, eu nem percebi que ele estava triste com alguma coisa Minho: Muito obrigado por se preocupar com o nosso Jeongin. Estavam refletindo sobre o que os garotos haviam dito. Resolveu dar apenas um "boa noite" e entrou no quarto para conversar com Yoongi.

Vai deixar ele te ouvir dizendo isso Ele era um menininho ainda, estava assustado e eu, por ser o mais velho, cuidei dele. Pode contar comigo para qualquer coisa, ok?

Jeongin: Sim Oh, meu Deus! Eu te ajudo. Jungkook: Eu fiz algo errado? Ficava pensando que mundo era esse em que Jeon Jungkook queria conversar comigo Ele realmente me salvou, e eu estava muito feliz! Ao mesmo tempo Jeongin: Jungkook, me ajude, por favor. Aaaaa fico feliz que tenha gostado das minhas capinhas para essa fanfic.

Que lindo esse blog nos destaques!!!! Foi mais que merecido :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

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jungkook maknae fanfic

Remember Me. Namjoon hugged Jungkook again. Jungkook is the last in his pack to present. Being an omega comes with unexpected challenges—but before that, he has to figure out the nature of his shifting relationships with his pack members. When it comes to Seokjin and Namjoon in particular, everything turns upside-down. Overeager sorcerer's apprentice Jungkook has a knack for getting into trouble with his hyungs. He's determined to prove himself a competent magic-user, and if that means sneaking behind Namjoon's back to brew a rather complex and volatile elixir without anyone's assistance, so be it.

Yoongi had thought they would send a group of strong alphas to protect the crown princess, not one single, fragile male omega. Also, they are enamoured with omega Jungkook and want to spoil him rotten. Jungkook is The last thing anyone expects is Yoongi to go into heat after nearly a decade of knowing him, considering the man isn't an Omega.

Chapter 2 - Lucky one - A cappella turns out to be a dangerous distraction for Jungkook, but luckily he's got his hyungs to look after him. Chapter 4 - Liar liar - Jungkook's careless in the kitchen, and he's not the only one who ends up getting hurt.

Jeon Jeongguk has a knack for trouble. Financially cut-off by his parents? Tough luck. Unpresented at the age of twenty-one? Tangled in the web of Seoul's most prolific gang? Definitely the strangest.

With his life on the steady road to ruin, Jeongguk falls head first into a world he doesn't understand, and meets a group of fierce men who control the very streets he walks on. Settled in with their married life, the couples decided it is the right time to adopt their own Littles. At first, they all agreed to adopt two. It will be perfect for them, four caregivers, which initially planned on focusing their full attention to raise, nurture, and protect with their full might.

Fanfic "Love Maknae" Parte 2

However, their plan did not go as expected when they met Little TaeTae which was friends with their two littles, Little Kookie and Little Minnie.

Unlike the other two which had a perfect life inside the facility, TaeTae has been struggling mentally fighting himself in his headspace. Luckily, Kookie and Jiminie were his best friends who were willing to help him and even give up their chances of getting adopted.

This story is fiction. Tags are not done! I may add more groups, but I'm kind of scared to add more groups, nct, seventeen as I am a newer fan and can't get personalities and member named correct. Don't be scared to ask for a group not on there though, I just can't remember everything right now.

Communication is the most important element in any relationship. When a miscommunication between Namjoon and Yoongi gets blown out of proportion and Jungkook gets caught in the middle, it has unforeseen and far reaching consequences.

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